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CounterBalance was written and designed for a small countertop business. Over 6 years of day to day experience running this business has driven the many needed features you will find within the CounterBalance product. Developed while keeping in mind many small businesses such as flooring, painting, services, general contracting, manufacturing and others could all use the same general tools to help run their operations.

Nexphaze is now exclusively marketing CounterBalance to the small business operation at prices they can afford. When you compare other products with similar features you will find the prices can be $600 - $1500 per computer plus setup fees or they use a monthly recurring fee to bill you well over a $1000 a year for products that do not match up to CounterBalance. We know that the small business operators can not and do not want to spend thousands of dollars a year on computer software when that money could be used for advertising or growth.

CounterBalance cost to our users is less then $100 a user and in many cases lower with mulit user package purchases. There is no lite or pro version we give you every feature available to assist in the ease of your operation management. When you compare other products you will not find a richer feature set then CounterBalance and certainly not for the cost to value we offer.

CounterBalance's first goal was to run a real live operation and now after 6 years we can pass this on at little cost because it was not developed for commercial profit but to assist our original operation.

For less then a night out you can be reaping the benefits CounterBalance has offered other small businesses. You will not be disappointed.

  • Lead and Lead Sources
  • Customers
  • Orders
  • Vendors and Purchase Orders
  • Advertising
  • Inventory (Cost Tracking)
  • Scheduling
  • Reports
  • Form Letters and Labels
  • Global Contact Management
  • Document Scanning & More


Nexphaze specializes in software products designed specifically for small business owners.  CounterBalance is a full-featured Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Process Control Package.  The CounterBalance software provides a central, easy to use, system that ties all the information together about each customer, their order, scheduling, and payment tracking. The software gives your company the ability to respond to customer inquiries faster, identify marketing opportunities, and identify areas for improvement. Click here to learn more about CounterBalance.










custom development

We also provide several types of custom development to fit your needs. We can offer customized application features for a variety of similar markets. Please email us at for any custom development need.