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The Ball Park application is a custom quoting and estimating tool. Ball Park can be loaded with custom product information and unit calculations. With this information Ball Park will produce quotes and estimates for varied customer requirements and options. Quickly change options and units to find the optimal quote range for your customers. Ball Park comes complete with built in word processing for producing quote forms.

Provide your sales personnel with a tool to quickly generate multiple quotes for customers within the guidelines you have set for your product and service pricing. Consistent quotes allowing for varied and nested options based on your exact customers needs.

Ball Park removes the emphasis from generating quotes and estimates allowing your sales personnel to focus on the customer sales process.

frequenty asked questions

Q:What do I need to run the Ball Park application?
A:Application machine specifics may differ please see Downloads here.

Q:How much does Ball Park cost?
A:At this time there is no charge for the Ball Park application.

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Q:Will Ball Park work for my (any) operation?
A:The Ball Park application may be setup for any operation by defining the custom products and services. Ball Park may also be setup using a predefined Ball Park Template import file(s) or setup fresh with all of your specfic operation information.

Q:Where can I get help and support for Ball Park?

counter balance features
  • Customer quotes and estimates
  • Mix and Match options
  • Product Line Templates
  • Import/Export quotes and estimates
  • Built in forms processor
  • Custom quantity calculators
  • Nested product options and pricing
  • Show/Hide line item printing
  • And more...

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